Double Bed Blanket Cover With Zipper

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect blanket. When you’re ready to start looking, these are some factors you might want to consider. The size of your bed, the style of your bedding, and what type of fabric you prefer. There are so many factors that go into finding the right double bed blanket cover with zipper for your bed.

Know the different types of fabrics

Blankets come in all sorts of materials that can feel different against your skin. Some popular types of fabric include:

Polyester: this fabric is known for its durability and it resists piling and shrinkage. It’s also lightweight, which makes it a great option for warmer climates or those who want to stay cool during the night.

Cotton: cotton is a durable fabric with a natural look and feel. It has an allergy avoidance effect, so it may be good for those with asthma or allergies.

Flannel: this material has a soft wool feeling and is woven with brushed yarns to create the fuzzy texture that we all love. Choose this if you want your blanket to feel like it’s hugging you!

You can go through the selected blanket for your home. We have chosen these blankets based on customer reviews and ratings provided.

1. Microfibre polyester Double Bed Blanket

Product Specification:

Soft, cozy, and light weight reversible comforter with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling

100 percent microfibre shell for a rich, luxurious feel

High-Quality Finish for a Luxurious Feel

Hypoallergenic filling which protects against allergens

Machine-stitched pattern to keep the filling in place for durability

Perfect for usage during mild winters and in air-conditioned rooms, perfect ac blanket double bed. These lightweight comforters are perfect for everyday use.

The brightly colored comforter can enhance the decor of your bedroom while providing an unmatched level of comfort to you and your family.

2. Polyester Reversible Lightweight Printed Single Bed

Product Specification:

100% Polyester: Extra cuddly by design, the blanket features lush polyester micro on one side, with smooth, cozy flannel on the reverse.

GSM: 120 GSM

Size Dohar: 140 x 210 cm or 55 x 83 inch

Soft, Cosy, and Lightweight Single Bed Dohar

This expertly tailored ac blanket is soft to the touch

Quality Materials: Synthetic feathers provide all of the benefits of a goose down without compromising health or ethics.

Everyday Use: Perfect for a bedroom, playroom, or cuddling on the couch, the blanket comes in a variety of kid-friendly colors and whimsical patterns they’ll love.

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3. Cotton Reversible Lightweight Single Bed AC Dohar Blanket

Product Specification:

Product Material: Cotton

Product Dimension : Length 210 cm & Width 140 cm | GSM 120

Usage: Light Weight Dohar Can Be Used All Year Round Especially In Winters And AC Rooms. Specially Made for Indian Tropical Climate.

2-layered Cotton Dohar with both layers made of Fine Cotton Fabric, printed on both Sides.

4. Soft Flannel Plain Blanket for Single Bed

Product Specification:

Multi-Purpose Blanket

Blanket for Sofa, Couch & Chair

Size: 225 X 152 cm or 60 X 90 inches

GSM: 200

Size: Double Dohar

Material: Micromink

All-Season Comfort: Plain Comforter Makes The Perfect Addition To Any Bedroom. This Dohars Everyday all-weather Use.

5. Flannel | Pompom Fringe Suitable for Double Bed

Product Specification:

Hypoallergenic & Easy to care: The blanket is friendly to your skin

Soft Elegant & Lightweight: Our throw blanket is made of 100% microfiber polyester material, which is super soft, durable, and warm. It’s a heavy enough blanket to keep you warm while you’re sleeping during the winter nights, but light enough to casually tow around the house when need be.

Stylish Home Decor: The decorative throw blanket is dotted with pompoms, which will bring out the interior design in your room very appealing to the eye, an easy to add texture, color, and design trends to your home. If you keep a pet like a cat or a dog, a throw blanket will keep the pet’s hair off the seats. It can also be used to cover a lot of imperfections on your chair or sofa.

6. Double Layer Soft Flannel Winter Blanket for Born Baby

Product Specification:

Upper Material: Flannel

Size : 45″ x 60″ or 100 x 150 cm or 3.75 x 5 feet

Suitable For : 0 to 6 Year Baby boy & Baby Girl

Unisex Blanket: Great unisex cozy and warm lightweight blanket for babies and kids. Super soft and warm for a crib or stroller nap when you walking outside with your baby. You can wrap your little one up easily as a receiving blanket or use it as a throw blanket whilst playing games or watching television on

Reversible sherpa: Reversible sherpa fleece blanket crafts with the greatest quality of 100% Polyester fabric in all layers for long-time use. This comfy, cozy, and Ultra-Plush warm sherpa blanket provides better fade & stain resistance than cotton blankets – Unlike cotton has little elasticity to retain shape, a Fleece blanket will not bunch with time.

Cozy and Relax Sleep: Dual sided sherpa fleece throw blanket with 220gsm fleece face and 260gsm plush sherpa reverse is super warm and cozy, its lightweight makes it easy to store and carry with, perfect for sleeping, couch lying, traveling and nap time during working.

Multi-Use: Sherpa fleece blankets are especially good for children and perfect for animals such as dogs and cats, to warm them up in their crates.

Choose the right style of blanket

There are many styles of blankets to choose from when it comes to decorating your bed. From traditional quilts to modern-day throws, there are plenty of options to consider when you’re choosing the right style for you. The choice can depend on many factors like how much you like patterns, if you like the feeling of a certain fabric type, and if you prefer a lighter or heavier weight.

Here are some popular types of blankets that might be perfect for your bed:

* Quilt – A quilt is a perfect way to add warmth and texture to any bedroom. Quilts can be made with various materials (like cotton, wool, and silk) and in all different shapes (like square, and oblong).

* Throw – Throws are lightweight blankets that are perfect for summer days or chilly nights or a room with an AC blanket double bed. They’re usually big enough to cover two people so they’re an excellent option if you live with one other person or have two twin beds in your bedroom.

* Bedspread – A bedspread is an oversized blanket that covers up the entire bed which makes it perfect for bedrooms where there are multiple beds. It can also have beautiful embroidery designs

Consider the size of your bed

The size of your bed is an important consideration when choosing the right blanket. It’s best to start this process by determining the size of your bed. Measure the width and length of your bed, and check what you have on hand for covers.

The size of your bed will determine how big or small your blankets need to be. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all blanket, you’ll want to get a larger throw that can be easily tucked in at the end of the bed. However, if you have two people sharing a queen-sized mattress, then you might want to get two smaller blankets that are tailored for that particular size.

There are lots of factors that go into finding the right blanket for your bed, but being aware of the size is essential. Taking time to measure your bed will help you find a cover that fits just right!

Find out more about how to care for your blanket

After you invest in a beautiful new blanket, it’s important to make sure you take care of it. Just like it is important to care for yourself or your car, taking care of your blankets will help them last longer and look better. Here are some tips on how to take care of your blanket for years to come.

-First, always wash the blanket when needed with cold water and mild detergent. This will help remove any dirt, dust or bacteria that could cause damage to the fabric or fibers.

-Next-make sure you dry the blanket on low heat in the dryer, but never put it in the dryer alone. Always wrap it in a towel first so that it doesn’t get destroyed by the tumbling action of the clothes inside. As an alternative, you can hang out your blanket outside on a clothesline—just make sure that there is no chance of rain before doing so!

-It’s also important to remember not to use bleach when washing your blankets because this can lead to color fading and damage to fabric fibers.


We hope this guide has helped you to find your perfect match. Taking the time to explore all you have to choose from is well worth it because the right blanket can keep you warm and cozy while making you feel at home. We hope you find the perfect blanket for your bed!

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