Selecting Trolley Bag For Travel? Hard Or Soft

Sometimes, we feel difficulty in selecting trolley bag for travel hard or soft. The reason is that there are many options in the market, and at this time, making the right choice can seem tricky. 

This post will reveal all the pinpoints while selecting the trolley bag for travel. After reading all these points, you will have a clear idea of which one to choose; a hard bag for travel or a soft bag. 

Later in the post, we will also discuss the five most high-quality trolley bags for travel from which you can choose according to your preferences.

Soft-sided luggage is a lightweight fabric so that you can take it anywhere. Normally, it is made up of ripstop, Ballistic, Cordura, or parachute material. Many people prefer Cordura fabric because it is softer and abrasion resistant. 

What do we mean by hard shell luggage?

Hard shell luggage is mainly made up of high-quality plastic such as polycarbonate and ABS. Even if they are made of high-quality plastics, they’re still very lightweight and durable. Aluminum is also used in most bags but is the heaviest.

Products of Trolley Bag for Travel

American Tourister Jamaica is the best bag for travel; the outer material is made of high-quality polyester. I am impressed by its beautiful gray color, which comes in the category of a soft bag for travel. 

Most surprisingly, it comes up with a spacious capacity that is 120 liters, where its weight is 4100 grams. Now you do not have to worry about the bag’s security as it comes up with a number lock. There are two compartments in this trolley bag for travel; however, it comprises four wheels to make transport easier.


  • Made up of high-quality polyester
  • Comes with great expandability
  • Number lock is available
  • Three-year international warranty


  • Some people find this bag heavier.

I love its navy blue color as it attracts me a lot and is considered the best travel bag. The most convenient feature of this bag is that it comes off with a front zippered pocket where you can put all your essentials such as your passport, your ticket, etc. 

Overall this trolley bag is built to last with high-quality and sturdy wheels and trolley so you can easily handle the bag while going out here and there during traveling. The front zippered pocket also gives us spacious storage to make your travel more comfortable. 


  • Front zippered pocket
  • Wheels and trolley for ease of handling
  • Gives you spacious storage
  • Durable and long-lasting


  •  Heavier bag

American Tourister is also a high-quality Trolley bag for travel made of polypropylene material. The feature which it stands out in the market is that it meets most domestic bag size requirements. We can also call it a durable bag for travel because it is made of scratch and impact-resistant material. 

The thing I like about this travel bag is that it comes with extra packing space so that you can also put your last-minute shopping in it. On the other hand, it is a safe gadget to use while traveling because it has color matched three-digit recessed TSA lock. 

You can also take this bag while Air travels because it is the most modern bag on the market. 


  • Foolproof security during your travel
  • Extra parking space
  • Made up of scratch and impact-resistant material
  • Three-year warranty 


  • The lock system of this bag could be improved.

I am a great lover of red-colored bags and accessories, which is why this Sky bag also attracts me a lot. Like many bags, it is also made up of high-quality polyester with a capacity of 39 l. 

There are two wheels in this trolley bag for travel, so you can take it anywhere while traveling. Although the number of compartments is one, it is a spacious bag where you can put almost all your stuff required for traveling. A butterfly lock and three-year manufacturer warranty make it stand out in the market among all travel bags. 


  • Comes with a butterfly lock
  • Two wheels are available 
  • Three-year warranty 
  • Extra pocket for better organization 


  • Heavier bag for travel

This one is made for you if you are looking for the most decent and modern travel bag. It is safe to use and damage-free so you can take it frequently if you are a frequent traveler. 

Moreover, you can pack all your essentials in this travel bag because it has interior packing straps. As It is scratch-resistant, nothing can scratch its outer surface. 

Most surprisingly, it comes in the category of a long-lasting travel bag because it is made up of high-quality polypropylene material. Three-year warranty and side lugs are other astonishing features of this trolley bag for traveling.  


  • Beautiful royal blue color 
  • Made up of scratch-resistant material
  • Extra parking space 
  • Interior packing straps


  • Heavier

Along with the pros and cons of the hard shell and soft-sided luggage, the discussion below will help you decide which one to choose according to your preference.

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Which is more portable and lightweight? | Selecting Trolley Bag For Travel Hard Or Soft

Many people know that soft luggage is not very heavy; however, manufacturers are making hard shell bags with ABS and polycarbonate cells, making them lightweight. If we talk about the portability of both bags, they are equipped with two or four wheels for easy transport.

Which is less expensive?

Everyone is clear about which is less expensive, whether soft luggage or hard-shelled bags. Soft luggage is always affordable as compared to hard-shelled bags. 

Which type of bag looks more appealing?

In this modern world, bag looks are very important. However, it all depends on your preference where some people are more concerned about fashion. On the other hand, the charming look of the soft luggage attracts many people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material for the suitcase is best for international travel?

Normally nylon fabric is the best material for international travel. The reason is that it is a strong, durable, and lightweight option. You will be surprised to know that some nylon suitcases are manufactured from the same technology used in military gear.

Selecting a trolley bag for travel | hard or soft?

Although it depends on your needs and preferences, if you have breakable items for packing, you must go for hard shell luggage. They are safer compared to soft-sided luggage.

Final Words

Selecting a trolley bag for hard or soft travel is the most important question to consider. However, it all depends on your choice and preferences whether you are a frequent traveler or travel by bus or airplane. 

Many people who travel by bus normally go for soft bags. On the other hand, people who travel by airplane mostly prefer trolley bags for travel. In this post, we have discussed the five most high-quality trolley bags for travel from which you can choose according to your travel needs.

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