Microwave safe tiffin box India

In this article, we talk about the Microwave safe tiffin box India based on reviews and ratings from customers who have already purchased these products and mentioned their experience.

Safe to use in the microwave and the oven. The lunch box container discussed here are microwave safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees. These containers are made of 100 percent borosilicate glass and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. As a result, you can safely heat meals in these containers in the microwave or other ovens.

1. Borosil Glass Lunch Box Set of 3 (400 ml) Microwave Safe Office Tiffin

Borosil Glass Lunch Box Set of 3 (400 ml) Microwave Safe Office Tiffin

Product Description

Keep Food Fresh with Borosil Airtight Containers

Borosil Glass Lunch Box Klip-n-Store containers from the house of Borosil are ideal to keep food fresh all the time. The air/liquid-tight containers make it easy to carry lunch to the office without worrying about spillage and food leakage.

Made of 100% borosilicate glass, these containers are long-lasting and can resist heat of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Hence, you can heat up food in these containers in the microwave or other ovens without worries.

Easy to Maintain

The unique glass that makes up the containers does not absorb stains of food and remains clear throughout even after regular use. You can make use of the containers to store food in refrigerators or freezers without worrying about damage.

The sturdy lunch bag that comes along helps in carrying home-cooked food in the containers wherever you want.


  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe
  • Each container has a Height of 69mm and a diameter of 135mm
  • This Lunch Box is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is much harder and tougher than ordinary glass and does not retain stains or odors
  • The element seal ensures that the product is totally spill-proof and leak-proof
  • The gasket also helps in retaining the freshness and taste of the food
  • With this lunch box, you will be able to eat straight out of the lunch box because it can face up to extreme temperatures of up to four hundred degrees (400) Celsius
  • Even you can place it from the refrigerator directly into the microwave or maybe use it to store food within the Deepfreeze whereas getting ready meals for an extended amount.
  • It remains scratch-free and doesn’t get cloudy, so you can safely put it in the dishwasher as well.
  • It is available in three different shapes and sizes ranging from 240ml to 525ml in sets of 2,3, and 4 containers
  • Unlike plastic or standard glass, it will not leach chemicals into your food even with continuous usage

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2. Signoraware Double Decker Glass Lunch Box Set 4-Pieces

Signoraware Double Decker Glass Lunch Box Set 4-Pieces

Product Description

Signoraware has launched the highest quality Microwave dishware at the foremost economical value by exploiting the best technology, computerized styles & competitive value strategy.

The company has its own R & D section with CNC machines to style and develop its own molds with the latest technology.


  • Made of 100 percent borosilicate glass.
  • Using only the best quality materials that are European Food Grade Virgin raw materials and following the most stringent of U.S.F.D.A. standards, Signoraware only wants to give you the best
  • The airtight containers can keep your food and beverages fresh for long hours
  • The spill-proof containers are very easy to clean and maintain and ensure zero mess
  • Signoraware Double Decker Glass Lunch Box is easily stackable for convenient storage and therefore the distinctive insulated bag gift keeps food heated for extended hour
  • The Borosilicate material makes the Signoraware lunch boxes durable and sturdy
  • The specially designed seal and a secure lock system not only keep your food fresh but also makes sure that the fluids do not spill.
  • These glass containers are suitable to be kept in the freezer and can be washed in dishwashers as well
  • The Lunch box container is microwave friendly and may face up to 300-degree heat without any problem
  • The transparent glass material containers provide you to check your food from the outside while not having to open the lid
  • It does not absorb gravy stains and remains crystal clear even when multiple uses

3. Treo by Milton All Fresh Borosilicate Glass Tiffin, 380 ml, Set of 3, Transparent

Treo by Milton All Fresh Borosilicate Glass Tiffin

Product Description

The quality, style, and true value for money are what make the entire range absolutely unique. New Treo health’s first tiffin is unique. Unlike other plastic tiffins, these tiffin set does not leech chemicals into the stored food while keeping fresh and nutritious for extended periods of time.

The Treo tiffin set is highly durable and will last for a long time, even with regular use. It comes with a tiffin bag to make it carry easily.


  • 100 Percent leak-resistant
  • Can be safely used in the microwave and oven and Crystal clear clarity
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Product Dimension: 14 X 14 X 6.3 cm (L X B X H)
  • Weight: 1345 gm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Capacity: 380 ml Each
  • Color: Transparent
  • Shape: Round
  • Package Contents : 3 Borosilicate containers and an Insulated jacket


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