What should I look for when buying a mixer grinder for home?

Cooking has become enjoyable as mixer grinders become better and better thanks to technological advances. It is possible to make mince, blend and grind in just a few seconds, and then prepare whatever dish you like. When you’re trying to make the finest meals for you and your loved ones it’s only appropriate to keep up with the times and change to the top Indian mixer. In this article, we go through some basics about What should I look for when buying a mixer grinder for home?

There are a variety of brands in the home and kitchen appliances category. It’s difficult to decide which one to go with. We suggest you select a product that is suitable for your requirements. A hectic schedule and insufficient time require you to find products that allow you to cook healthy and delicious food without the hassle. However, picking the right blender and grinder is challenging due to the many types and brands that are available.

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With so many options to pick from what do you do to determine what mixer is most suitable for your needs? What are the elements you need to consider when purchasing a mixer on the internet? What characteristics should you be looking for?

We all know about mixer grinders, an indispensable appliance that is easy to discover in any kitchen. Do you know the best mixer? Or What should I look for when buying a mixer grinder for home?

Here is the best solution for the Mixer Grinder Buying Guide.

Motor Wattage and RPM

The main thing to do is pick the proper grinder for the kitchen. Always keep the lookout for the grinder’s power consumption. The higher wattage is the ideal kind of grinder that has more grit and more rapid speed. Any grinder that ranges from 500W-700W is ideal for kitchen use. The more powerful the motor is the greater number of the rotations per minute. A motor with higher wattage provides greater power. 18000-23000 rpm is adequate for domestic use.

The reason for this is that the greater the wattage, the higher the efficiency of the blender and grinder. Based on the use it is essential to choose the right blender and grinder with appropriate power options.

Blades Quality

Blades follow in importance. They can chop into the ingredients and mix them well. Make sure you choose mixer grinders that feature high-grade stainless steel blades. Most often, it is 304-grade stainless steel. The majority of mixer grinders don’t mention the steel’s quality as it is now a standard of using high-quality steel for the blades.

Before selecting a mixer, it is important to verify the type of blades offered by the manufacturer. But, the majority of brands have sharp blades that are made of stainless steel in order to prevent erosion of blades. Certain brands also provide extra blades to replace in the near future. Be sure to select a mixer grinder with top-quality steel-grade blades.

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Easy To Maintain

The maintenance of a mixture is an enormous job, and we all have a lot to manage aside from the grinder and jars. It is recommended to use an incredibly small grinder that has 3 or 2 jars so you can manage it easily.

A small jar and a few pieces of equipment may be the ideal solution for you. Moreover, there isn’t much space to store them. The space you have is small enough. If, however, you’re curious and enjoy making meals and chopping spices at home, you must always think about multi-purpose containers that will help facilitate your experiment.

Storage and Capacity

When you are buying a blender make sure to consider what size your family is. Pick a blender adequate to satisfy the needs of your household. If you are choosing a blender and grinder, make sure it has a large mouth, so that it is simple to fill the ingredients as well as clean them. To make it easier to pour the contents, pick one with a spout for pouring.

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration is the amount of space needed to keep the blender. Handheld blenders are simple to store, whereas different types of blenders require counter space. Select a blender based on the space available.


The right mixer for your kitchen can be a daunting job that requires you to be sure to mark it when you purchase a suitable grinder to serve your kitchen. The amount of containers you can buy depends on the needs of your kitchen.

Plastic lids can become loose after a few years. This means that they may not fit perfectly in the container. But, they won’t make a stain after grinding the masala. Polycarbonate lids, however, are sturdy.

Durability and Safety

As mixers will be utilized on a regular basis, it’s crucial to check the quality and longevity of the item. Make sure that the mixer as well as its containers are made from high-quality, break-proof material which is useful in the event of a mishap or fall on the mixer.

The majority of mixers have circuit breakers in the middle of the device. In the event of a short circuit or overheating of the mixer, it automatically shuts off. It is vital to check whether the product is equipped with an electric circuit breaker.

Controls for speed

Speed controls are required to grind ingredients at various speeds and for different reasons. Some mixers come with buttons to change the speed. However certain models have piano-style buttons which makes it simple to switch between speeds. Therefore, pick the one that suits you and choose the right mixer.


If we discuss mixer grinder costs, then you’ll find that certain manufacturers sell their products at a very low cost, while some are priced a bit high. This doesn’t mean that a cheap product is not good. Certain of the top brands such as Bajaj and Prestige provide their products at a price that is affordable to everyone without sacrificing quality.

Therefore, they are among the top-selling brands. Some items are costly due to the fact that they’re equipped with technological advancements.


The majority of mid to top-of-the-line Mixer Juicer Grinders come with 2 years of product warranty as well as 5 years of warranty for the motor. Within this period they will fix and service the mixer grinders for free of cost. But, you need to bring the machine to their service centers.


The mixer is an investment that will last for at least a decade. It is crucial to thoroughly study the different models by using the information in this reference to select the best that meets your needs. This guide should aid you in choosing the ideal mixer grinder to meet your requirements.

There are numerous brands in the home and kitchen appliances category. It’s difficult to decide which one to go with. We suggest you select one that will meet your requirements. If you have any doubt about What should I look for when buying a mixer grinder for home? Or In case you’ve got any concerns about purchasing a mixer grinder in India please inform us via the comments

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