What should we check before buying water purifier?

Water is vital to our existence. However, the quality of drinking water we consume each day is becoming harmful to our health. To enhance the quality of water used for everyday use, it’s now essential to install water filters in our homes. However, people make mistakes when buying water filters in a variety of ways such as purpose flow rate and capacity. So we discuss What should we check before buying water purifier?

Water purifiers are used to reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses by increasing your water’s quality used for everyday usage. But, with the number of water purifiers on the market these days, each with its specifications and claims it is difficult to decide which one is ideal for your drinking requirements.

At present, several water purifiers are available on the market. Each purifier comes with its particular USPs and they all promise to deliver the best water quality. However, one thing to be aware of is that all purifiers are different in their specifications for their technology and come with specific specifications. We will look at the things to consider before deciding which water purifier is best for your household. Let’s a look at the top 4 water purifiers in India.

The Aquaguard Aura can be purchased with a variety of purification techniques. For instance, it is the Aquaguard Active Copper version will suffice for water with a TDS concentration in the water source lower than 400ppm.

Compact and sleek This appliance comes with UV e-boiling that makes sure that every drop of water will be safe and healthy as it boils for around 20 minutes. In addition, water goes through six stages of purification within this purifier, which has a large capacity for storage of 7 liters.

The good thing is that the machine has been built to notify you when the replacement of filters is required by flashing various colored LEDs. In addition, the machine ceases operating when the filters become exhausted to the point of exhaustion. This means that there is no compromise on the safety and health aspect.

We were impressed by the minimalist design of the water purifier without the huge stickers that you find on other brands. In addition, the durable plastic body is a great addition to its classiness. The design is wall-mounted however, the water purifier could also be placed in a convenient spot on the counter in the kitchen.


  • UV Technology
  • The capacity of high-water storage of 7 L
  • Simplistic Water Purifier Design


  • A few high-priced items

KENT Supreme Water Purifier Plus holds nearly 8 liters of water. Furthermore, water purification goes through multiple steps by the RO+UF process which assures water is completely pure and safe to drink.

When you think of the KENT Supreme Plus water Purifier, Kent is one of the first names to are to your head. Kent Supreme Plus comes with the unique Zero Water Wastage technology that reduces the amount of water wasted by recirculating the water that is rejected for other uses, such as washing equipment, watering plants, and so on.

KENT Supreme Plus comes with Reverse Osmosis, a UV Lamp to kill microorganisms and bacteria Ultra Filter, and TDS Control. The water that is purified tastes great and is suitable for people who live in private homes.

KENT Supreme Plus has an 8L storage tank that can purify up to 20L worth of water in an hour. The tank takes around 25 minutes to fill, and the auto-shut function ensures that the RO stops the purification of water after filling up the tank.


  • It is reversible osmosis compatible.
  • It takes about 25 minutes to fill
  • Huge 8L storage tank
  • Unique Zero Water Wastage technology


  • Consume more energy

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This purifier manufactured by the company AO Smith comes with five stages of purification, a sophisticated UV lamp with a digital display, and a UV life alarm that can be used to enhance the overall quality of water.

The AO Smith Z9 green water purifier offers fresh, odorless, and more hygienic drinking water. It comes with a TDS at 2000ppm, and it weighs 10.8kgs. The purifier features an LED display and can hold up to 0.8 Liters of water. It requires 60W of power and comes with 12 month warranty.

AO Smith Z9 RO gives access to drinking water with a clean taste which is a fundamental requirement. It improves the taste of water by eliminating organic contaminants that can cause a volatile smell from it. AO Smith water purifier gives you pure, odorless, and premium drinking water. The purifier features an LED display. It comes with a power-on indicator as well as a purification process and a tank-full indicator. It also has extra features such as One-Touch Dispense Hot Water by pressing one button, Advanced Alert Tech, and Night Assist. For 100% pure and pure water, you can count on AO Smith Z9 RO Water Purifier.


  • Advance Alert Tech and Night Assist
  • Hot Water is available at the touch of the button
  • It only consumes 60W of power
  • 5 purification stage technology


  • The only thing that can be stored is 0.8 milliliters of water
  • Expensive

Built to last, even in India’s harsh water conditions, ZENORA features an advanced multi-stage purification procedure, along with a unique mineral balancer, giving you years of worry-free and economical access to pure water that is also great and tastes natural.

V-Guard Zenora 7 Liter Water Purifier gives access to pure drinking water, which is an absolute necessity. It enhances the flavor of water by removing organic contaminants that can cause a volatile smell from it. V Guard water purifier gives you fresh, odorless, and better-quality drinking water. The water purifier features a TDS Range of 2000 ppm. Zenora’s innovative design, which combines the best RO Membrane ensures the effective removal of impurities typically present in Indian water supplies, as well as lasting performance with low maintenance requirements. For 100% pure and clean water, you can count on the V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB 7 Liters Water Purifier.


  • 8 Stage Purification
  • can hold up to 7 seven liters of water.
  • Durable performance that requires low maintenance
  • Only Power Consumption of 36 W
  • Highly Affordable


  • None

Things we Should Check Before Buying Water Purifier


It is possible to ask what is the purpose to relocate an appliance for water purification from one location and move one location to the next. Not all of our lives are indeed in a house permanently.

Furthermore, the maintenance of the iron-made water purifier was not an easy task. The entire unit was subject to solid welding but you were unable to remove them. If you found anything amiss in the purifier, you required a replacement.


In comparison to iron-based water filters, plastic-body purifiers are less expensive. The typical setup of these purifiers is comprised of four primary components. Direct-current motors are used to conduct electricity. The channel pipe is used to facilitate the entrance as well as the exiting of the water.

The network pipe is used that ensure the flow of water is smooth. Some structures keep the pipes in a place constructed of high-quality silicon. They are typically made of high-quality plastic. They come with three layers of protection with this.


Water purifiers can differ in their use at home and in offices. It is not just the home location where water purifiers can are found. They can be found in offices too. Water purifiers that are fitted in workplaces are generally larger in capacity. They are equipped with filters that can remove large amounts of water in a short time.

Additionally, the performance of the equipment is superior to the basic household purifiers. They don’t consume huge amounts of electricity. But, they require constant maintenance. Without proper maintenance, a water purifier within commercial settings could disappoint its customers to a large degree.

Filtration Technology

Different technologies for filtration treat different TDS levels in the water. Ultrafiltration or UF is the best choice when the water has a lower TDS level. This is generally the case with soft water. It has more TDS value, which is why RO purifiers for water are utilized. Most often, hard water has the highest level of contamination. In such instances, you should choose purifiers for water that include RO UV, UF, and UV in combination.

UF filters work best when used with any other type of system for purifying water. They are not able to kill microorganisms living in the water, but they do remove suspended particles from the water.

Final Words

The primary criteria to consider when deciding the kind of water purifier to purchase is the source of the water as well as the types of impurities found in the water that is supplied to your workplace or home. Utilize the tips in this buying guide to shopping for an upgraded water purifier for your office or home.

Hope that the post on the best way to choose the ideal Water Purifier for your home will help you to get more clarity on some of the basics you must consider before deciding on a purifier that is suitable for your needs.

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a water purifier. Be sure to take into consideration the above 4 options to help you decide which is most suitable for your family.

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